Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Las Vegas ISSA Public Speaking Success

I'm headed home from Las Vegas after speaking to the Information Systems Security Association CISO Forum yesterday.  I first spoke to ISSA-LA a little less than three years ago and the relationship I have with this association continues to grow.

From other speakers, I learned a lot about the hot and complex topic of Application Security.  I caught up with a number of people I've met before at other speaking engagements and/or because they've been security résumé writing clients or career coaching clients in some other capacity.  I also caught up with numerous direct LinkedIn connections.  

This event had been on my schedule for a while.  The opportunity to speak came to me by way of a security recruiting client I've been privileged to serve in Phoenix, AZ. Tina recommended me to national ISSA leadership and when they heard about my research and leadership speaking topic, I was asked to address the group.

I'm declaring this visit to Las Vegas a success.  First, because getting here and standing in front of a group of security, risk, compliance and privacy leaders and aspiring leaders while I'm still recovering from open heart surgery represents a significant accomplishment for me.  The last time I traveled to speak in Dallas in early June, I had to get help with my luggage throughout my entire trip. That trip was tough!

Second, many in my audience approached me after I spoke and told me that I did in fact challenge them to think outside of their regular paradigm of thinking.  This is what I passionately love to do.  I'm built to take others from Good to Great.  This is what my "Maximizer" strength is all about and I got to exercise this strength in a big way yesterday.  

Third, I got to exercise my "Futuristic" strength by helping others to see the future of the security leadership profession.  Next, I got to leverage my "Strategic" strength by way of the strategy I used to create the flow of my talk.  I'm not finished yet.  I got to turn on my "Activator" strength by challenging my audience to take action.  Several in my audience indicated that they'd be in touch for more of my job coaching and/or career coaching assistance.  Next, for those who reached out to me expressing a need for help beyond my talk yesterday, I'll get to leverage my "Relator" strength as I get to know how I can best assist these individuals to move forward.  

Finally, a guest CIO from Las Vegas was in my audience.  She was there to learn more about security and she told me she had come specifically to learn from me.  What an honor that was to hear. Her company needs a CISO and they don't know where to begin.  Should this project come together for me, I get to leverage every one of my top strengths all over again.  Working out of my top strengths is my passion.

Have you caught on to my theme yet?  Yes, this is a recap of my speaking engagement but more than that, I got to invest 24 hours into working out of and leveraging my top strengths.  That's why this event was a success in my book.  

When I get to speak again, I guess I'll be able to say that others agree with my self-assessment.

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