Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Great Resumes Open Interview Doors

There is nothing I enjoy more than reporting wins.  Last Thursday night, my hockey team won its game against the team we least appreciate in our league.  It was a sweet win and it hadn't happened since before my heart surgery. 

Over the weekend, 2 of my favorite 4 football teams won and two came up short.

My Monday morning inbox had this great winning information in it.  

“I apologize that it took me so long to get this email to you. I wanted to really see if this resume would change the landscape for job hunting and sure enough I have been bombarded with phone calls since I launched.  
Just last Friday, I accepted an offer to start at a new company and effectively doubled my salary. This opportunity might have been lost without your assistance and I wanted to thank you for your services.
I find it challenging to put into words just how powerful the blend of skills that Jeff brings to the table, as there are so few people who embody the insight, knowledge, resources, training, leadership, and business management traits that Jeff brings to each and every one of his clients. There is no question that Jeff contributed directly to my career advancement and to me, that is a very powerful thing.”
My resume coaching clients are securing interviews 

They're getting new jobs and they're increasing their Personal Stock Value.  Don't get left behind.  Explore my 1 Hour Resume Coaching service and you'll receive the same service that enabled this client to "effectively double" his salary off of a $259.00 investment in himself and my coaching.

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