Wednesday, September 03, 2014

How to Grow A LinkedIn Network

My LinkedIn network currently sits just shy of 29,000 direct connections.  I was recently asked by someone who was trying to increase their 300 connections how they could quickly do so.

Please understand my motive in sharing this information.  I’ve been saving my remaining connection spots for the past few years for security, risk, compliance and privacy professionals and for other business leaders I’m fortunate to meet along the way when I’m in public speaking environments.

Other than the profiles I just mentioned, I’m not trying to build my LinkedIn network any longer as my network will be full when I reach the 30,000 connection level.

If you want to grow your network and you’re not already connected to me, I’ll be happy to connect to you if you mention that you read this blog post.

Otherwise, one of the fastest ways to grow your network is to join the TopLinked group.  There is a small fee and I can tell you that joining this group years ago when it wasn’t as large as I suspect it is now worked for me.

That’s it!  I’m just trying to help anyone who wants to grow their LinkedIn network.'s Security Recruiter Blog