Friday, September 05, 2014

Coaching Others To Success Is My Passion!


Provided ongoing coaching to one of my smartest Millennial coaching clients.  He's Strategic, Futuristic, Competitive, can get initiatives into motion and he's super-smart. Smart enough in fact to have reached out to me to work on strengths coaching, emotional intelligence coaching, resume coaching, LinkedIn profile optimization and overall career coaching.

 “I find it very refreshing to have this additional clarity into how I tick. And, and it certainly helps me to make the most of my strengths while being aware of my weaker areas.  Thanks for walking me through the process! "

He's the future of Information Security leadership.


I got to provide 1 hour resume coaching to a really smart information security leader in France.  Resumes are all about communication.  For a security professional to communicate clearly to the business in New York, they need the same skills that a security professional in Paris requires.  It’s all about clean, clear and logical communication that is delivered in the language of the audience.  Following our call, this message came to me:

"Thanks for your very useful hints and techniques"


Today, I've been privileged to provide career coaching to an up-and-coming rock star security leader in Silicon Valley.  She's smart, focused, a high achiever, competitive and on her way up.  She came to me to find out how to sharpen her approach to get to the top.  At the end of our call she said:

“I’ve had some Ah-Ha moments today…this has been great”

She's the future of Information Security leadership.

To round out my Friday, I gave 1 hour resume coaching to an information security manager who's about to learn how to turn his resume into a competitive tool that will open interview doors.

Great way to end a week!'s Security Recruiter Blog