Friday, September 05, 2014

My 3 Year Public Speaking Anniversary

Thank You!

I didn’t plan to write this particular blog today but apparently LinkedIn keeps better records of what I’m doing than I do.  I met up with my Inbox this morning and found several dozen “Congratulations” emails from my LinkedIn connections congratulating me on the public speaking anniversary I didn’t know I had!

This is actually kind of humorous to me in a way.  My bigger anniversary is actually a 20 year anniversary dating back to September of 1994 when I stepped out on my own to form J.A. Snyder & Associates, Inc.; my current corporation. For some reason, LinkedIn hasn’t picked up on that one or maybe I’m just impatient.  Perhaps that anniversary will pop up later in the month.

Either way, I do appreciate those who came along and acknowledged my hard work.  Here’s the story in the event that you might care to know how I got started speaking to groups.

Los Angeles ISSA

In August of 2010, a CISO in Los Angeles called me and asked if I would consider coming to his ISSA meeting in Los Angeles to be a public speaker on a panel.  I’d never done anything like this before and I couldn’t think of any reason to not accept the invitation so I said yes.

Speaking on the panel in front of 100 or so people was a blast.  When the event came to a close, I realized that I’d forgotten to get nervous.  That’s what you’re supposed to do when you speak in public I’m told.  This is where I got started. 

"Thanks again for coming to ISSA-LA and I look forward to your insight in the future"
North Texas ISACA, Dallas, TX

Soon after this ISSA-LA event, a board member for the North Texas ISACA group asked me if I would consider speaking in Dallas, TX.  Now this was a bit intimidating in that I would not be on a panel.  The stage would be all mine and the spotlight would be on me.  I had to deliver just right.  This audience was in the range of 125 security, risk, compliance, audit and privacy professionals. 

I was on stage immediately after lunch.  Bellies were full and nobody knew what to expect from this rookie speaker.  Other than the older gentleman who was in my audience to the right of the podium who fell asleep and started snoring, many other people in the audience were engaged in my talk.

Immediately after my talk, someone came up from the left side of the podium and grabbed my arm.  She was a professor at North Texas State University.  She begged me to please come to her MBA class that night to speak to her students.  I wanted this to work out but I’d already planned to have dinner with someone I had waited several years to meet.  The fact that what I had just said resonated with the professor who was also an ISACA board member boosted my confidence.

"It was great to meet you today at the ISACA North Texas meeting. Your presentation was great!!! I learned a lot from you."

Denver ISSA, Dallas ISLF, Las Vegas ISSA CISO Forum

Over the past three years, I’ve been privileged to speak in Dallas on three different occasions.  I’ve been to Los Angeles to speak twice and I’ve been to Denver to speak twice.  I’ve found coaching clients for my job coaching, career coaching and leadership coaching services in Denver and Dallas.

Most recently, I presented a 360 degree view of leadership to the ISSA CISO Forum in Las Vegas.  I met a number of top-shelf industry-leading CISOs and now have the privilege of working with some of them as leadership coaching clients to help them take their performance to new heights.

"I stopped by and got to hear you speak in Dallas. I enjoyed it.​!" 
"Thanks for attending the ISSA CISO event earlier this week. It was refreshing to hear your perspective and passion to help those of us that want to move forward in this career path."​
 “Thanks for being such an important part of our information security community. I'm grateful for all the support you continue to give ISSA-LA and the other ISSA Chapters.”​

Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Orlando, Northern NJ, Toronto, Colorado Springs and Phoenix

The remainder of 2014 will be busy for me.  I’ll speak 8 more times for the Information Security Leadership Forum (ISLF), the Evanta CISO Summit and for ISSA.

If you live in any of the cities I’ve just listed, please connect with me when I’m in town. I sincerely enjoy every opportunity I have to meet individuals I’ve been connected to on LinkedIn for years as well as people I’ve never known in any capacity before.

My schedule might appear to be busy and it is.  I like it that way.  I’m open to speaking to additional groups provided that the opportunities fit into my schedule for September, October, November, December and beyond.'s Security Recruiter Blog