Friday, October 10, 2014

Ending this Friday with momentum!

How The Day Started

Earlier today, I engaged with a super-smart CISO whom I’ve been fortunate to know for several years for a lively conversation regarding the future of the CISO profession.  Our conversation turned into a lively debate at times.  At the end, he asked me for my service fee schedule for resume coaching, career coaching and emotional intelligence coaching and he suggested that he knew what my next service should be.

It turns out that we’re on the same page because this CISO suggested to me that I should offer services to help CISOs and CSOs with their approach when they have opportunities to address their Boards of Directors.  Check that box!  I’ve already done that and I hope to do more of this kind of work moving forward.

There’s A Security Talent Shortage

That was the conversation brought to me by the Director of Information security in a cloud computing Software Company today.  He has a dozen positions to fill over the next year.  He told me that his internal recruiting process was coming up short.  He explained that at first he thought his internal recruiters might be eliminating good talent from consideration.  Then he told me that it wasn’t an elimination issue as much as it was an issue of having a talent puddle versus a talent pool to choose from. 

When your company needs to hire talented Ethical Hackers and talented Secure Software Development / Application Security professionals, there most definitely is a talent shortage.  The best of these people are nearly always gainfully employed and they need to be directly recruited. 

1 Hour Resume Coaching

On this particular Friday, I get to end my day with back-to-back 1 hour resume coaching calls with clients who are up-and-coming security professionals who are investing in themselves to learn how to create resumes that will speak to the business.  Once they create their new resumes, our next call will be LinkedIn Profile Optimization calls.  Both of these clients want their resume’s message to align with the personal branding message they’re displaying on LinkedIn.  Strategically, this is a smart move for both of these up-and-coming future CISOs.'s Security Recruiter Blog