Friday, October 17, 2014

Momentum, This Is A Habit I Could Get Used To

I’ve never written blogs at the end of the day on a Friday but last week ended with great momentum and this week is ending with even stronger momentum.


The highlight of my week was an opportunity to speak at the Colorado Springs ISSA Cyber Security meeting where I suspect there were over 100 people in attendance.  I just received a call from a local information security leader who was not at the conference but my business card and a recommendation made it to him.

These emails have come to me over the past 48 hours.  I’m so thankful to the people who wrote these kind messages from the Colorado Springs ISSA.

"It was my pleasure meeting you at yesterday's ISSA conference. I really enjoyed your presentation. It was a nice break from the standard technical briefings ISSA puts together for these types of events.  I told Glenn York he should have you speak at more of the ISSA's forums. As a transitioning USAF veteran, the tips you mentioned during the briefing really touched me….You're briefing sent me on a soul search to figure out what path I should take for this new second career I'm beginning to pursue…. I just wanted to thank you for coming over and sharing your wisdom and humor with us…"
"Wanted to send a personal thank you for speaking at the conference. Your presentation was very well received.  Hope to see you at ISSA-COS meetings and future conferences."
"I’m a member of ISSA and attended your presentation yesterday. I didn't get a chance to thank you in person so email will have to do. I’ve seen a lot of ISSA talks and yours might be the best one I’ve seen. As you pointed out ISSA members are a diverse group both in age and skill and my impression is that you spent considerable thought on how to include everyone. I thought you nailed it."


This morning, I was fortunate to discuss career advancement strategy with a very bright up-and-coming information security leader who wants to align his personal marketing package and his personal career strategy for future success.  This call got my day started off with tremendous momentum.

My next call came from a former resume writing client who wants help to align his resume with his LinkedIn presence.  This same client is very happy with his current role but he has an eye open toward the future.  We discussed what our career coaching and emotional intelligence coaching could do to help him prepare for the next level in his career.  For this client, the next level will be a significant CISO role.  My day picked up more momentum.


This afternoon I was privileged to coach two absolutely outstanding CISOs towards higher levels of career success. Both CISOs are already successful but both are interested in maximizing their performance.  Helping these guys to maximize their performance feeds my top 5 Maximizer strength.  I love doing this work!

Working with two more people in a row who are both coach-able and teachable made my day end with significant momentum to roll into Monday morning.

The Weekend

Now for some family time and one-on-one time with my mountain bike this weekend before the trails are soon covered with snow and we’ll have to break out the snowshoes!

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