Friday, October 31, 2014

Overcoming Adversity Is Tough....But Worth The Effort

Want to burn some calories?  

Try playing ice hockey. Not only that, try playing hockey when half of your team is either traveling, working, sick or otherwise not at the game.  We had 6 skaters and a goalie last night and still managed to bet our opponent 3-0. In a normal game, we have 10 - 12 skaters. 

What does this have to do with security, risk, compliance, privacy, job search, resumes, interviewing, etc? Nothing at all.  

When you look at this graphic, you should know that I’m on a medication that keeps my heart rate from going too high.  Where my heart rate is operating in the 150s during last night’s hockey game, my skating buddy Gary’s heart rate would be functioning in the 170s to 180s.  We play equally hard.  I’m on medication and Gary fortunately is not.  The same effect is in play when we ride mountain bikes together.

Can you tell I got a supreme workout last night?  Next up is the mountain bike this weekend. You should see that heart monitor graph!

Overcoming Adversity

For me, sharing this information is a mental step forward and I hope I get to motivate someone out there who reads this article to take action towards their physical fitness today. 

Six months ago, I was laying in the hospital having just had my chest cut open.  

A Difficult Topic To Grasp

Yesterday I wrote about open heart surgery.  No, it isn’t a popular topic that anybody wants to read about and I knew that when I wrote the article.  Who wants to deal with the reality of such a morbid topic?  I suspect that nobody wants to read about open heart surgery for entertainment.  Trust me, there is nothing entertaining about the topic but there is an awful lot of reality wrapped around the topic and it will be my friend’s reality in just over a week when he has a valve replacement surgery.

Not Sitting Still

While I’m still recovering from my event, I’m not recovering sitting on my rear end and I haven’t been for several months. As soon as the heart surgeon’s office gave me the green light for my chosen activities, I jumped back into each activity.  

I’m thankful that I can stop taking Tylenol at any moment. It is not addictive like some of the initial medications I was sent home with from the hospital.  Tylenol has unfortunately been and continues to be my friend.  Especially after last night's hockey game!'s Security Recruiter Blog