Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Resumes that Open Interveiw Doors are Clean, Clear and Logically Written

A recent LinkedIn “Influencer” post not only got my attention, it hit on a topic I address every day of my life.

The Influencer suggested that resumes might want to incorporate what he referred to as “design-thinking” ideas. 

These ideas included graphics and videos.  This is precisely and exactly the opposite advice I give my resume clients…the clients whose resumes open interview doors globally.

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) generally do not know what to do with fancy fonts and boxes found in many resume templates.  Most ATS tools turn fancy fonts and items their artificial intelligence does not understand into gibberish.  This is not how you want to be stored in a recruiter’s database or a company’s database for present or future reference.

Resumes that are clean, clear and logically written with the resume’s audience in mind are resumes that open interview doors.  Better yet, resumes that clearly demonstrate an individual’s accomplishments, contributions and business value are the resumes that capture attention.

When you write your resume, the end product is not for you. It is for someone in your audience.  You have to know your audience.

Present your resume in the language of the audience that will receive and review your resume in a matter of seconds and you’ll very likely find yourself opening interview doors.

Jeff Snyder, Twitter: @secuirtyrecruit, is the Founder and President of,,, and he is a well-traveled Public Speaker.'s Security Recruiter Blog