Friday, October 03, 2014

Why Should You Strategically Build and Regularly Check In On Your LinkedIn Profile?

The Early Days...2004

When I joined LinkedIn in 2004, I admittedly did not know what I was getting into.  Other than a few people at LinkedIn at that time, nobody knew what was in store for LinkedIn.  For the first few months, I was too busy to pay much attention to my my LinkedIn profile but I built one.  During the week between Christmas and the New Year holiday, I turned the action of studying LinkedIn into a project.  This is what "Futuristic" people like me do!

For a week, I clicked on every link.  I explored every corner of LinkedIn and took lots of notes.  When I was finished with this research, I had a better than average understanding of LinkedIn and I had a lot of theories in my mind.  I thought about what if this or that would happen in the future.  What could this LinkedIn thing potentially become and how could I leverage it for my business?

A Decade Later...2014

A decade later, my network is one of the larger personal networks in the world and unbelievable business opportunities have come my way because of the ways in which I have chosen to leverage LinkedIn.

Just this week, a dynamic new job coaching and career coaching client came to me.  He told me that it was my LinkedIn profile that caught his attention.  

Yesterday, one of my career coaching and leadership coaching clients visited my LinkedIn profile and shared this:

“Darn!  Your LinkedIn profile rocks!  You’ve been holding out on me.  I need some of that.”
How I'm Leveraging LinkedIn Today

At the present, I’ve been helping the founder of the Information Security Leadership Forum to recruit Board of Director candidates as well as delegates to attend upcoming ISLF live events in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Orlando, New Jersey and Toronto.

As I look at hundreds of LinkedIn profiles every day, I see a variety of approaches to packaging, branding and marketing oneself on LinkedIn.  

A number of years ago I remember reading an article suggesting that LinkedIn was NOT an on-line resume.  Really?

Resume Alignment with LinkedIn

Once I teach my resume coaching clients how to build door-opening resumes, many of those same clients ask me for additional coaching to make their LinkedIn profile as attractive and sticky to recruiters and hiring decision makers as their new resume.  Aligning your resume with your LinkedIn presence is not just smart, it’s a brilliant idea.

ISLF Promotion

As I’ve been looking for the right people to invite to ISLF events, I’ve run across LinkedIn profiles that look like skeletons.  It appears that the owner hasn’t visited their profile in a long time and it’s clear the owner doesn’t recognize the potential power of their on-line LinkedIn presence.  

If you’re on LinkedIn, you’re making a first impression with people who visit your profile.  
For the sake of everything related to your career development, doesn’t it make sense that the first impression your LinkedIn profile makes is a rock star impression?

Board of Director Recruiting

For some of my LinkedIn searches related to my ISLF work, I’m looking specifically for leaders and rising leaders who might benefit from joining a Board of Directors to work with and collaborate with their other leadership bound peers.  

Just carrying a fancy title isn’t enough. I’m looking for people who are engaged in the information security, risk management, compliance and privacy professions.  I’m looking for people whose LinkedIn profiles strike me as people who understand the power of networking.  I’m looking for people who give me a LinkedIn first impression suggesting that they’re at the top of their professional game.

It’s tough to find people who make this kind of impression on LinkedIn but when I do, they hear form me!

Suggested Action Step

This weekend, ask someone to visit your LinkedIn profile and ask them to tell you want kind of impression they formed of you by way of your LinkedIn presence.

  • Were you happy with what you heard?
  • Would you like for that first impression to have been different?
  • Do you need help to draw more positive attention to yourself on LinkedIn?'s Security Recruiter Blog