Wednesday, November 12, 2014

1 Hour Resume Coaching Results!

1 Hour Resume Coaching Results!
Any time one of my job coach, career coach or leadership coach clients shares a personal win with me, I'm going to share that win with you.  This is what I work hard every day to achieve and I'm learning to celebrate even the small victories.  
This Information Security Engineer called on me last week and asked for my 1 Hour Resume Coaching service.  In this service, I teach my clients everything they need to know about my proven resume writing methodology that opens interview doors around the world.  
My Review
When this particular client send his new resume back for my review, (I do this for all of my 1 hour resume coaching clients) this was my response to him.  
You nailed it.  In fact, I think what you sent back to me is one of the best resumes I’ve seen following my 1 hour coaching call. 
My Client's Wife's Review

Putting my opinion aside, I suggested to this client as I do with many of my clients that before they send their new resume to me for review, they might want to start with a review from their spouse or roommate.

"I am very excited about the new resume.  My wife was very impressed with the improvement, saying that it was much easier to see what skills I bring to the table, and that it flowed much better, whereas before she had to look harder for that information.  She said that all of the key points she needed to see really stood out in the 6 seconds I'd get during a quick look."
The Marketplace's Response
"I floated a few resumes last Thursday night.  Friday afternoon, I stepped outside to take a call from a company's recruiter, and during that call my phone was ringing with another recruiter trying to reach me.  So, I think this has been a success from my end so far!"

A clean, clear, logical resume will open interview doors.  Interview doors are opening for my client just days after our coaching call.  He came to me with a "good" resume but his desire was to have a "Great" resume.  I want to coach someone with this mindset all day every day. 

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