Friday, November 14, 2014

He Transformed His Leadership by Embracing His Strengths

Several years ago, when I went through a life changing event of my own, I came to the conclusion that most people I’d interacted with over the years in business were settling for what they “Can” do versus ever slowing down to figure out what they “Should” do.  

I still see this and I'm out to change this with anyone who will partner with me as their coach to help them get to the "Should" stage.  In fact, I've been on a personal journey the past few years to push my life into the "Should" zone as much as possible.

Engaged / Disengaged

The Gallup organization conducts US workforce surveys year after year.  These surveys consistently show that approximately 70% of the US workforce is either disengaged or severely disengaged.  Alternatively, their research shows that only 30% of US workers are engaged in their work.

“Can” vs. “Should”

When I first learned of these statistics, my suspicion that most people settled for what they “Can” do versus determining what they really “Should” do was confirmed with numbers.  It wasn't just my point of view anymore.

Good to Great

This knowledge that I picked up a few years ago bothered me.  It bothered me to the core and still does.  One of my core strengths is called “Maximizer”.  The essence of this strength means that it is in my DNA to push “Good” to “Great”.  I’ve always had a drive to innovate and to make things better and now I know why!

Now that I understand my strength, I know why I created a resume writing service in 2008 when I saw the economy beginning to take a dive.  I assumed that there would be more people on the market than there would be jobs at that time.  Those who were looking for a job would need a superior calling card in order to get an interview.

Stimulating Phone Call

Today, I was fortunate to have connected with one of my leadership coaching clients on an unscheduled call.  These kinds of impromptu calls are frequently the richest calls I get to have in a day.  This call was no exception.

Career Clarity

My “C” level coaching client started talking about how valuable it was for him to have gone through my strengths coaching program one year ago.  He told me how having a very clear picture of his personal strengths and on the flip side, knowing precisely what he “sucks” at, has caused him to become a very different leader than he was in the past.

Impact on Others

My client told me that his team loves him today because he is great at making his teammates feel valuable.  His team knows what he is great at (because he told them) and they know what he will do.  The team also knows that when my client delegates something to the team that he is doing so because he trusts his teammates to get things done.  This in turns empowers his teammates and gives them confidence.

It's easy for my client to delegate to his team because he has invested time and energy to determine precisely how each of his teammates are wired.  He feeds each member of his team specific responsibilities knowing that what he is feeding them aligns with their strengths.  People love to not just be empowered but to be empowered to do things they can excel at delivering. 

Stronger Leadership

My client went on to tell me that as a leader, he is confident that his team has “undying loyalty” towards him.  He said “they love me” and they've told me that they want to go wherever I go.  One of his teammates said “I’m learning so much from you.  If you were to leave anytime soon, I’d want to go with you.  I’m not done learning from you yet”.  What an amazing complement for a leader to hear from one of his followers.

Blown Away!

My client concluded by telling me that he was “blown away” by the positive change that has occurred in his ability to lead and more importantly, his employee’s desire to follow.  He attributes this change to understanding his strengths and to the emotional intelligence coaching we've been working on for most of this year.'s Security Recruiter Blog