Wednesday, November 05, 2014

What Makes My Resume Writing Methodology Unique?....Results Make It Unique!

This question came to me last week and I’m more than happy to answer it. 

I didn’t sit in a bubble thinking up the latest trick or gimmicks that might cause one resume to stand out over another.  When I decided to create a formal resume writing service in 2008, at the time when the first bank in the US collapsed and the FEDS walked in to take over, I went through many steps.  

Here they are:
  • Compiled my own ideas from 19 years (at that time) of my own personal experience in working with hiring authorities and the owners of resumes.
  • Talked with several recruiters I’ve known for many years to gather their points of view.
  • Discussed the good, bad and ugly of resumes with several of my clients.  These clients are people who have looked at tens of thousands of resumes in their careers just as I have.
  • Surveyed the business to find out what business people perceived, liked, did not like, did not understand and wished they could see in resumes.
  • I sprinkled in a little bit of my college degree in Marketing and applied it to my client's personal branding.

With this critical customer-focused information in hand, I then sat down to create what I refer to as my resume methodology that opens interview doors.

Owning a Door-Opening, Interview-Generating resume instills confidence:

“I don’t think I would have this type of motivation and enthusiasm without your process, your direction and your coaching”
“I am now confident in submitting my resume to potential employers”
“Just going through this exercise has already brought back a little more of my confidence.  For that I am forever grateful”

Sharing a Door-Opening, Interview-Generating resume with right employer results in this:

“Jeff’s resume writing methodology and reconstruction of my resume more than doubled inquiries overnight.  And it increased my targeted job submission responses from less than 10% to almost 50%”
“The new resume must be gold because I have an interview on Monday and we just finished the resume last week”
“My new resume has gotten me more attention in the past 2 weeks than my old resume did in the past 2 years”
I've invested my entire career into working with super-smart, highly analytical people. My clients are always very smart when it comes to doing highly analytical work. They are always subject matter experts.  This is what makes them great at what they do professionally.

What many of my clients tell me they're not great at is writing.  When it comes to tying business, technical and creative writing together, most of my clients throw up their hands and give up.

This is why I created the Security Job Coach services.  I'm here to meet you in the middle to help you with your Personal Branding, Packaging and Marketing.  

I want to help you to maximize your chances for success and I get to exercise my passion when I get to help my clients to raise their game to succeed at new heights.

How may I help you?

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