Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Who You Surround Yourself With Determines Who You Become

There was a time approximately 9 years ago when I went to John Elway’s restaurant in Denver, CO to meet a business colleague I only knew from telephone conversations.  When we met for the first time, while shaking my hand for a prolonged period of time, my colleague looked up and down from my head to my toes. 

Then he looked me in the eye and told me that I cleaned up pretty well for a mountain guy. 
Scott suggested that I should come down off the mountain once in a while.  To put this in context, I live at 8,500’ in the Rocky Mountains. Scott lived just north of Denver on the Front Range of Colorado.  I think Scott was expecting me to have fur, horns and/or antlers.  It was a humorous meeting.

I just returned home from a 2 day conference in Phoenix, AZ.  The conference was led by two super-smart and very successful entrepreneur investors.  The group I was part of numbered in the 25-30 range. It was big enough to generate a lot of energy but small enough that I got to know some really cool people. In the group there were several CEOs, a surgeon, a pilot, an attorney and many other very smart, forward-thinking, risk-taking entrepreneurs. I love to run with these kinds of people. 

To my friend Scott’s point, since I’ve been coming down off the mountain as he called it, I’ve been fortunate to meet some of the smartest security professionals in the world in various parts of the US.  I discovered that it is entirely necessary for me to get out of my bubble frequently to experience the opportunities life provides through meeting smart, energetic and innovative people.

My learning the past couple of days came from a fire hose.  Just the way I like it.  Other than arriving home at 3:30 AM this morning after a late flight from Phoenix to Denver, my greatest takeaway from this investment of time and energy outside of the highly intriguing subject matter was the energy and mental stimulation I gained by collaborating with really smart, let’s get something done people.  Every person was there because they wanted to be there.  They invested their money out of their own pocket to improve their personal development.

I guess you could say that the coach in this case was coached. 

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