Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Afternoon Pre-Holiday Momentum….Love it!

Strike While the Iron is Hot

If you’ve been testing the job market lately as a candidate, you might have noticed what I have experienced here at my desk.  Some employers seem to think that when it comes to IT, Security, Risk, Compliance and Privacy jobs, that we’re stuck in a time warp that has left us in the depths of the poor 2009 economy. 

That’s why I wrote an article on LinkedIn recently called “Talent Acquisition: Time Kills All Deals”.

We’re not in 2009 any longer

As 2014 comes to an end, my phone has been ringing.  On the other end of my phone are representatives from companies that have openings.  Some are ready to take action today and I’m pretty sure that others will come to the surface at the beginning of January with new positions.

Information Security Project Manager, Phoenix, AZ

Before I leave my desk this afternoon, I’ll be writing up an Information Security Project Manager job description for one of my best clients in Phoenix, AZ.  By the way, its 61 degrees in Scottsdale with mid-60s to 70 degrees and sun predicted through the middle of next week.  My client will consider an out-of-town candidate and they offer a significant relocation package.

IT Risk Management Analyst, Southern, WI

On the other hand, I’m also working on an IT Risk Management Analyst role with a rock solid company in Southern Wisconsin.  No, it isn’t 70 degrees but if you like 4 seasons and you’ve ever wanted to live where having both a boat and a snowmobile make sense, I can get you set up with the right opportunity.

Motivated and Ready to Hire

Both of my clients are highly motivated to hire.  In particular, this afternoon, I’ve been on the phone with HR and the CISO (whom I placed) at my Phoenix client and they’re ready to get interviews rolling the first week of January.  That means that I’ll be busy next week recruiting on a fresh project where my client is ready to take action.'s Security Recruiter Blog