Wednesday, December 03, 2014

I'd love to help you make this quantum leap too!

When My Clients Are Happy, I’m Happy!

One of my top 5 strengths is called "Maximizer".  What this strength means is that it is my natural tendency to take good to great.  I've always operated in this manner but it wasn't until someone came along and taught me about my natural strengths that I learned to embrace this strength and to leverage it.  

Leveraging is what having "Maximizer" in my top 5 strengths is all about.  It was from the perspective of wanting to help my clients take their average resumes and their average LinkedIn profiles to a level of greatness that I created the services.

It was also from this perspective that I created the services.  If you'd like to learn about your natural strengths, the strengths that give you the potential to become great at what you do, please contact me.  

I'd love to help you make this quantum leap too!

These comments just came to me from one of my most exciting up-and-coming Millennial coaching clients who hired me nearly one year ago to help him with his personal branding, his career road map and his overall career development.  I get to ride shotgun with this particular rising star to help him get to where he wants to be as a security leader.  This is "Maximizer" lived out to its fullest!

This is what my client has to say about his new resume:

I've passed this resume around to a few people and they're very impressed by how much better this is than my previous resume.  I'm quite happy with the new resume, and would like to move on to addressing my website and LinkedIn profile. 
The true measure of a resume's value is when other people say its a great resume.  Your resume is about you but not for you. Its for the audience who will make a decision based on what they see when they put their eyes on your resume.  In this case, the audience has spoken.

How can I help you with your Personal Branding, Career Clarity or your desire to move into Leadership the right way? 

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