Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Resume & LinkedIn Success

One of my CISO level coaching clients who has taken advantage of my Resume Writing Services, LinkedIn Profile Optimization Services, Career Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Leadership Coaching services just shared something with me that I think you should know.

First, his resume floated to the top of the pile.  My client’s resume is now one of only three resumes that will be presented to the executive team that is involved with a CISO hire.  The Human Resource Director at the hiring company told my client that as soon as he saw my client’s standout resume, he immediately went to LinkedIn to see how he was presenting himself in the public domain.

For a long time now, I thought it was highly likely that employers would visit prospective candidates on LinkedIn before granting them an interview. Other than the visits I make to LinkedIn profiles myself, I simply had not run across someone who had the experience that has been on my mind.

My client’s resume floated to the top because it is clean, clear, logical and it aligns my client’s security, risk, compliance and privacy accomplishments with the drivers of his company’s business.  My client’s LinkedIn profile is not exactly like his resume but is closely resembles his resume. 

This is good because the Human Resource Director told my client that he was looking for consistency between the resume’s message and my client’s LinkedIn profile message.  The messages are in fact consistent and my client is progressing to a very high-level interview with a Fortune 500 company.'s Security Recruiter Blog