Friday, December 12, 2014

"The first few minutes were worth the price of your coaching"

A career Law Enforcement Division Commander recently came to me for what he thought was just going to be an hour of resume coaching.  What I really like about my 1 Hour Resume Coaching service is that I get to customize it to the unique needs of any given client.

This is what the Law Enforcement Division Commander shared with me following his coaching experience:

"Thank you very much for your wisdom in the corporate world transiting from my law enforcement career. Your paradigm gave me a new way of thinking and a better way to make myself more marketable. The first few minutes were worth the price of your coaching. Thanks again for the beginning of my next career."

In recent weeks, I have delivered this 1 Hour Resume Coaching service to:

  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Director Information Security
  • Law Enforcement Division Commander
  • Information Security Consultant
  • Special Agent, FBI
  • Special Agent, Secret Service
  • Agent, CIA
  • Executive Director, Operational Risk Management 
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Department of Defense Program Manager
  • U.S. Air Force Captain
  • U.S. Army Officer
  • Director, Global Corporate Security Security
  • IT Risk Management Analyst
  • Security Engineer
  • Security Analyst

Every one of these clients and every one of my past coaching clients had the option of getting a full refund after 15 minutes of our 1 hour call had expired if they didn't feel like they were receiving the value I promised.

Some of these clients have already accepted new positions.  Others are deeply involved in multiple interview processes achieved when their new resumes opened interview doors. 

Some of these clients are just getting started with their resume projects because I delivered their coaching this week or last week.

One of my clients who landed on his feet in a new position before the end of the year shared this in a recent email:
"I may need to get a new cell phone number because I can't get through the day without 5-6 calls lately about new opportunities--something about a well-crafted resume, I guess.  :)" 
When I deliver my 1 Hour Resume Coaching service, I truly am working out of my passion and my strengths.  This particular coaching service taps into one of my top strengths called "Maximizer".  The simple definition of the Maximizer strength means that I have a built-in passion for taking "Good to Great".  Taking "Good to Great" is in my DNA and I'm delivering at my best when I engage in this kind of work.

I can help you to discover your strengths so you too can determine how to align your strengths with your chosen work to achieve top-shelf results. 

What's your plan for improvement in 2015?

I'm currently working with several coaching clients on Resumes, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Personal Branding, Career Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Improvement and more.  

How can I help you to improve your personal and professional performance in the coming year?

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