Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Time For a New Year, Welcome 2015!

Time For a New Year

I’ve never been a New Year’s Resolution making kind of person in the past but I’m thinking that this year should be a bit different in that I’m ready to set new goals for 2015.

Anticipation Became Reality

This time last year, I went into 2014 thinking that it might soon be time for open heart surgery.  This is one time that I wish I were wrong instead of being right.  From 2010 when my genetic heart condition was discovered, I skated over 200 hockey games by the time my surgery day arrived in April of 2014. I used hockey and several other sports to keep myself in the best possible shape for my future surgery and doing so paid off.

Most Difficult Year of My Life

I’m completing the most difficult year of my entire life.  My surgery interfered with every facet of my life.  The surgery event stretched, stressed and fortified my marriage and many personal relationships. When the time came to tackle my recovery, I quickly found out who my friends were.  I discovered that I have a handful of sincere local friends and I have a significant number of friends around the country and the world who were willing to support me as I worked to get back on my feet.  To those people I am sincerely thankful.

Goal Setting

My surgery gave me ample opportunity to fine-tune my goal setting abilities and to become even more clear as to what I should invest my time and energy into moving forward.  Prior to my surgery and based on discussions with my heart surgeon, I set multiple heart surgery recovery goals.  Through May, June, July, August, September, October and November, I not only met but in many cases I was able to crush the goals I set for my heart surgery recovery.

This experience of setting goals, meeting goals and experiencing the rewards of meeting goals has spilled over to other parts of my life.  I won’t be making New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 but I’ll be setting more goals than I had in the past. 

For My Coaching Clients

For my job coaching, career coaching and leadership coaching clients who choose to come along with me, I’ll show each of my clients how to set goals that can push their personal development and career development to places they never imagined reaching.

Public Speaking

Having received training and having achieved certification in Emotional Intelligence Coaching early this year, I had no idea that I would learn so much about emotional intelligence as a patient in a hospital.  I now have this personal knowledge and experience to lean on when I’m fortunate to address future audiences as a public speaker. 

I’m working on my 2015 public speaking schedule right now by the way so if you know of organizations that need a speaker, I have significant references from ISSA, ISACA, The 
Information Security Leadership Forum (ISLF) and EVANTA Executive Summits.

More Coaching Clients

One of the written goals I’ll be working on for 2015 is that of increasing the number of job coaching, career coaching and leadership coaching clients I work with in the coming year.  Yes, I make part of my income from delivering coaching services but more important than income is the opportunities I look forward to when I get to help my clients reach their goals. 

In 2014, I got to work with many clients to help them with their personal branding through resume writing and LinkedIn profile optimization.  Beyond resume and LinkedIn work, I was fortunate to help many security professionals figure out how to maximize their career performance through my strengths coaching practice.  

At the pinnacle of my coaching work, I got to coach several security leaders to a higher level of emotional intelligence.  This work has resulted in compensation increases and better jobs for several of my clients.

Looking Forward

I’d like to think that the worst year of my life is behind me.  If I’m right, in 2015, I’m ready to help more security, risk, compliance and privacy professionals to maximize their performance through coaching and I’m hopeful that more and more companies will take security seriously so I’m able to help some of you to advance your careers through my security recruiting practice.'s Security Recruiter Blog