Friday, January 30, 2015

A Friday Momentum Blog

The only thing better than ending a work week with Friday afternoon momentum is knowing that there is a 100% chance that Monday will begin with momentum.

The great thing about my momentum is that every facet of my moment involves other people.

This week new searches came to me:  

  • Information Security Consultant, Boston, MA
  • Information Security Program Manager, Irvine, CA
  • Information Security Project Manager, Phoenix, AZ
  • Manager, Security Operations and Security Architecture, San Francisco, CA
  • Manager, Technology and Information Security Compliance, San Francisco, CA

Numerous new Resume Coaching, LinkedIn Profile Optimization Coaching, Custom LinkedIn Header Coaching clients came my way this week.

I'm beginning new relationships with Strengths Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Coaching clients next week.

This is precisely the momentum I set out to create at the end of December for the month of January. Mission accomplished.  I love to help my clients get from where they are to where they want to be.

Grand Canyon Rim-To-Rim Hike:

You never know what you might get if you just ask.  I wrote a blog earlier this week to announce that I'm looking for a companion or companions to hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim with me.  

So far, what is coming together is a trip with a hockey buddy who hiked 16 miles in Bryce Canyon, UT with me 1.5 years ago.  He wants to make the Grand Canyon hike happen in late April or early May.

A friend on the other side of the country who once climbed 14,000' Longs Peak in Colorado with me 25 years ago has thrown his hat on the table.  He needs to lose some weight and get in shape in order to make the Grand Canyon hike happen.  Looks like this friend might be up for a September Grand Canyon hike.

I might get to hike the canyon two times in 2015.  Getting ready and staying in shape for this kind of activity will only do me good.  


I hope you don't mind me sharing my momentum.  I'd enjoy learning about your momentum if you'd be so kind as to share.'s Security Recruiter Blog