Monday, January 05, 2015

Career Coaching, Resume, Personal Website and LinkedIn Optimization Success


Just in from one of my Resume Writing, Career Coaching and LinkedIn Optimization clients.

Why do these simple numbers matter?  

Just over one year ago, a 26 year old rising Cyber Security star came to me for a mix of strengths coaching, resume writing assistance, assistance to make his personal website communicate more clearly and LinkedIn optimization assistance.  

I worked with this client on his resume, personal website and LinkedIn in Q4 of 2014. LinkedIn profile optimization was the most recent project we worked on in the month of December.

Proactive Personal Brand Positioning

While this rising star Millennial coaching client of mine is not actively looking for a new position today, he is now ready and well-positioned to not only be found through his digital personal branding, article writing, public speaking and personal marketing strategy, he is ready to interview when precisely the right job comes along.  The career move he needs to make next will very likely come to him because of the way we've positioned his personal branding.

What does precisely the right job mean?  

For this client of mine, we've worked through a career coaching process that exposed my client to his top strengths.  He now not only knows what his strengths are, he has embraced his unique set of strengths.  He knows how to leverage his top strengths moving forward to produce outstanding results and he also knows where he can get into trouble if he doesn't exercise discipline in some of his strengths that can occasionally go over-the-top. 

IQ got him to where he is today but IQ alone won't get him to where he's going 

I'll even go so far as to say that this high IQ rising cyber security star is positioning himself to be a CISO of the future.  His IQ has gotten him to where he is today.  It is understanding how to leverage his personal strengths, knowing how to surround himself with people who complement his strengths and knowing the importance of Emotional Intelligence that will cause this up-and-coming cyber security professional to excel.

I Love Results!

The best part of building a relationship with and providing services to this up-and-coming future CISO is that I get to ride shotgun with him as his career progresses.  Along the way, I'm here to help my client when he runs up against career opportunities, when he runs into career challenges and when he celebrates victories.

Once he lands in positions in the future where he has teams of security professionals working for him, I'll get to work with my client to continue optimizing his performance and to help him optimize his team's performance by getting each team member in the right position to maximize their output and their career satisfaction.

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