Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Does Negotiating Make You Cringe or does Negotiating Energize You?

I borrowed this photo that I found on Facebook from Paul Boynton, author and Chief optimist at Begin with Yes!  I give full credit for this photo to Paul Boynton.  I don’t know Paul and I don’t know anything about him but the photo grabbed my attention.

Today, I got to start my day with a negotiation with a Chief Operating Officer.  Following a 20 minute call yesterday and then the COO doing his homework on me last night, the negotiation call took less than 5 minutes. This picture captured the way I'm feeling this morning.

Here's what I love about negotiating...and I mean that I passionately love to negotiate. Not only did I get what I needed in the deal but my client is going to get what he needs in the deal.

Somewhere along the line, many people were taught that negotiating means that someone wins and the other person loses. I could not disagree with this approach more than I do.

A successful negotiation happens when balance is reached and both parties to the negotiation are still standing at the end. Just my 2 cents....or maybe 10 cents.

Then next time you find yourself in a negotiating position, consider that your negotiation will be most successful if you can find the balancing point between what you want and need and what the party you're negotiating with wants and needs.'s Security Recruiter Blog