Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Follow Your Passion and You'll Be Naturally Energized!

Today I got rolling at 7 AM with a 1 Hour Resume Coaching client.  This CISO came to me with a “Good” resume and expressed his desire to create a “Great” resume.  This is my kind of client!

I’ll admit that getting on the phone at 7 AM has never been part of my mode of operation. I’d much rather be on the phone at 7 PM. I’m a night owl.

When I encounter a coaching client who passionately wants to get to the next level in whatever it is that we’re working on together, I’m the one who benefits the most from the interaction.

My client suggested that our call:

“Exceeded his expectations”

“Was well worth the time and investment”

“Was refreshing and motivating”

My services aren't for everyone but if we’re a good fit for each other, I’ll commit to helping you get to the next level.

For a few more days, through the end of January, my 1 Hour Resume Coaching service is combined with my LinkedIn Profile Optimization service for $259.00.  That’s a $259.00 savings.

Add to this bundle my newest Custom LinkedIn Header Building service to make yourself stand out from the crowd for $89.00 and you’ll be good to go with your personal branding and marketing.

Reach out to me before the end of January and we’ll create two different Custom LinkedIn Headers for you for the $89.00 price mentioned above.

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