Wednesday, January 07, 2015

How Did Your Day Begin? Here’s How My Wednesday Started...with Momentum!

I had a taker on my 1 Hour Resume Coaching and LinkedInProfile Optimization Sale for $259.00.  This taker as I called him is a rising Corporate Security leader who was referred to me by a Chief Security Officer I was fortunate to have coached in 2014.

Rather than making New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve set goals.  I love momentum so I’ve tied some of my goals to daily activity that I know will give me momentum.  This morning, I got to start with a coaching call to help a rising Corporate Security Star to improve the way he communicates his personal and business value to the business.

My client has two Master’s degrees.  He’s no dummy.  What he isn’t though is a sales and marketing minded guy.  After today’s coaching, I’m convinced that my client fully understands that his resume is not for him, it is for the audience he’ll put it in front of when he seeks to obtain an interview.

There’s no doubt in my mind that my client received value because at the 15 minute mark of our coaching call, I stopped long enough for my client to have backed out with a 100% refund if he concluded that he was not receiving value.  My client waived the opportunity to collect a 100% refund and we carried on for the full 1 hour coaching call.  I can’t wait to see my client’s new resume.

Once his resume comes back to me, we’ll be ready to schedule is LinkedIn coaching call because my client will have the content required to make a rock star LinkedIn profile.
Did I get what I needed out of this call?  You bet I did.  I got momentum and I got to help my client move from “Good to Great”.  This fuels my Top 5 “Maximizer” strength.

If you don't know your own personal strengths, I encourage you to discover them in 2015. Call me and allow me to explain strengths psychology to you. I'd love to tell you how discovering and embracing my own personal strengths has changed my life.  I can show you how to experience the same positive change.  What a great way to kick off a new year!

Time for me to go.  This email just came in:

"Greetings and coaching needed
If you have time, I would like your coaching..."
This email just came in too:

"Hi Jeff, I am interested in your current sale offering. Please let me know the next steps to get started..."
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