Tuesday, January 06, 2015

My 1 Hour Resume Coaching and LinkedIn Profile Optimization Services Are On Sale

My Job Coaching Services Are On Sale For The First Time Ever!

I’m having a sale this month and it is exclusively for the followers of SecurityRecruiter.com on LinkedIn and the followers of my Security Recruiter Blog.  I’ve been trying to figure out how I can show appreciation for those of you who have chosen to follow my business page on LinkedIn and those of you who kindly follow the Security Recruiter Blog.  This is the first idea that came to my mind.

Goodbye 2014

If you’ve followed my page for any length of time, you might know that 2014 was the most difficult and quite frankly the most miserable year of my life.  I had open heart surgery to repair a genetic issue that if not addressed would have likely killed me sooner than later during one of the 2-3 times per week when I’m on the ice year-round playing hockey.

The surgery is behind me and I’m more recovered than not but as I sit here this evening, I’m trying to think of ways to build massive momentum in my business.  I love momentum.  It is likely my top 5 Activator strength that causes me to love momentum.  It is definitely my top 5 Maximizer strength that causes me to want to help you to make the most of  your career advancement opportunities.  You see, I was built to push Good to Great.  

My Offer to You

If you’ve ever thought about your Personal Branding and you’ve never taken action to get help to build a door-opening resume that effectively speaks to the audience who will receive your resume and a resume that aligns with your LinkedIn presence, now is the time to take action. Here's why you might want to make your resume and LinkedIn send the same message to the audience.

One of my CISO coaching clients told me about his recent interview experience and how having his resume and LinkedIn aligned caused him to shoot to the top of a major company's interview process.  I've always thought that HR people and hiring decision makers might be looking at LinkedIn profiles once they've received a resume.  Now I know for sure that this is in fact happening.

This email came to me today when one of my coaching clients brought back results that specifically related to the performance of his LinkedIn profile after our coaching session and his work to make improvements to his LinkedIn Presence a couple of weeks ago.

If you go to Security Job Coach website, you’ll find that my 1 Hour Resume Coaching service is a $259.00 service.  I love to deliver this service because all of my clients get results.

You’ll find that my LinkedIn Profile Optimization service is $139.00 when combined with my 1 Hour Resume Coaching service.  

When my LinkedIn Profile Optimization service is not combined with my 1 Hour Resume Coaching service, it is a $259.00 service.

Here are a few pieces of feedback from my clients with regards to the results they've achieved with my services:

"Thank you very much for your wisdom in the corporate world transiting from my law enforcement career. Your paradigm gave me a new way of thinking and a better way to make myself more marketable. The first few minutes were worth the price of your coaching. Thanks again for the beginning of my next career."
"I floated a few resumes last Thursday night.  Friday afternoon, I stepped outside to take a call from a company's recruiter and during that call, my phone was ringing with another recruiter trying to reach me.  So, I think this has been a success from my end so far!" 
"Jeff's 1 hour resume coaching service was the best $259 I've spent in a long time!" 
"The new resume must be gold because I have an interview on Monday and we just finished the resume last week"  
"I may need to get a new cell phone number because I can't get through the day without 5-6 calls lately about new opportunities...something about a well-crafted resume I guess :) " IT Risk Management Analyst

If you’ve seen enough, so be it.  If you need more evidence that my services produce results, the Testimonials page on the Security Job Coach website will provide much more evidence.

The Sale!!!!!

I'm combining my 1 Hour Resume Coaching + LinkedIn Profile Optimization service for anyone who makes this purchase during the month of January 2015 for $259.00.  That's $518.00 worth of services if purchased separately.

This offer includes a 1 hour of 1-on-1 personal resume coaching call plus a sample resume from my portfolio of sample resumes.  I'll give you a sample resume that closely aligns with your current career position and we'll use this resume during our coaching call.  

My sample resumes by the way have opened interview doors for my past clients around the globe.

Once you have completed your new resume, we'll get back together for a 30-40 minute call focused entirely on your LinkedIn profile.  During this call, I'll teach you what you need to know in order to make your LinkedIn profile more sticky to recruiters and hiring authorities who might have your next career move sitting on their desks.

Your Action Steps

Simply go to SecruityJobCoach.com and through the Contact page, let me know in the message box that you're interested in The Sale!!!!!

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