Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Clients Asked…I Listened…A Solution for Your Custom LinkedIn Header Is Here

You get the privilege of adding a custom LinkedIn header to your LinkedIn account when you have a Premium account. Why would you want to have a customized header on LinkedIn?  Because you can use this space on LinkedIn to promote your personal brand any way you want to.  You will stand out from the crowd.

This is my newest LinkedIn header that I created for my own LinkedIn page: 

Jeff Snyder LinkedIn Header

While walking one of my 1 Hour Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profile Optimization clients through the coaching bundle he purchased from me, I was asked how I created my LinkedIn header.  My client told me that he tried to create his own header but whatever software he was using ddidn'tmake the job easy.

Well, nothing about LinkedIn is particularly easy but I’ve been constantly figuring out my next move on LinkedIn for over a decade now.  When I learned that I could upgrade my LinkedIn header, I didn't just settle for the stock images that LinkedIn provides, the Maximizer in me had to figure out how to leverage this new LinkedIn feature.

Here's an example of a LinkedIn stock header that does nothing to brand or market you.

Am I the only person on LinkedIn who has upgraded their header?  No I am not.  I won’t show you other people’s LinkedIn headers but I have collected several examples of upgraded headers that look good but they don’t play nicely with the pop-ups that LinkedIn allows to pop up on top of your header. 

I’ve built my header around LinkedIn’s pop-ups and so far so good.

My job coaching client asked me if I would be willing to build a custom header for him.  Of course I would be willing. I’m willing to do anything within my wheelhouse of skills that will help my clients to reach their goals.  

Here are a few examples of sample headers I created yesterday:

LinkedIn Header Example

LinkedIn Header Example

LinkedIn Header Example

From my client's request, my latest service was born.

Follow this link to my Security Job Coach website and it will take you directly to the page that shows this new service. When you get to the bottom of this page, click on the Security Job Coach Fees page and you’ll immediately see all of the fees connected to my Job Coaching Services.'s Security Recruiter Blog