Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Jobs Coming To You Ready?

I know that what my article and blog readers care most about is when I have great security jobs to share.  Well, you’ll have to wait no longer.

Negotiations are complete.  Contracts have been signed and we’re ready to rock and roll with new jobs.  I felt this momentum building in December.  If you’ve ready any of my past articles or blogs, you’ll know that I make a big deal out of momentum. I love momentum!

Stay tuned as I get a bunch of new jobs written up in Phoenix, Southern California and in Boston. These jobs will all be different in nature but they’re all with companies that I’ve either worked with in the past or companies that I’ve found to be top-shelf as my new relationships with these companies grows.

It is these new security jobs that causes me to always beat on my resume writing and LinkedIn profile optimization drums.  I’m about to start a whole bunch of direct recruiting effort to find top-shelf candidates.  If you haven’t made yourself easy for me to find on LinkedIn, you might miss the boat as it passes by.

If you then don’t have a great resume to send if you’re interested in my recruiting call, the entire career advancement process will slow down while you’re getting your resume up-to-date.  No, that's not me.  It's just a picture I had in my portfolio that came to mind.

When my father retired from the Air Force many years ago, his colleagues gave him a plaque that I'll never forget.  The saying on the place read like this:

"With my luck, I'll be at the airport when my ship comes in."

Do not leave for tomorrow what you could get done today!  Be prepared when your ship comes in.'s Security Recruiter Blog