Thursday, February 12, 2015

An Information Security Role of a Lifetime, Sunny Southern California

What’s In It for You?

My morning began by sharing a call with a CISO whom I placed in 2014.  This CISO is not an average CISO.  In fact, she is anything but average.  She’s smart, well educated, certified, talented, an achiever who is executing a well-though-out strategic plan and someone you could learn a great deal from if you were join her team.

This Cybersecurity role of a lifetime requires me to deliver an astute business person who has subject matter expertise in several areas of information security.  This role isn’t just about network security, identity management, IDS/IPS, Firewalls, SIEM, etc.  This role is connected to protecting the trade secrets and intellectual property (IP) of a global company.

What You’ll Do

You’ll build and manage security programs of all kinds in this role.  In order to do this, you’ll start every effort by collaborating and partnering with the business and with the information technology groups that support the business.  To pull this off, you’ll need exceptional communication skills.  This means that you’ll be articulate.  You’ll write well. You’ll not just be good at but you’ll enjoy making presentations to a mix of business and technology people. 

You’ll build security programs around data classification that matters to the company.  In other words, you’ll help this company to protect its crown jewels and you’ll get away from living in a checkbox regulatory driven world only.  Are there regulations at this company?  Sure there are.  But, that’s not what this role is all about.  If you focus on building security programs that enable the business to more safely conduct business, the regulatory boxes will be checked along the way.  It would help if you’re familiar with a framework including or similar to ISO, NIST, etc.

You’ll Have a Great Mentor

This company hired one of the best CISOs in the business. In order for this CISO to do her job well, she has to surround herself with exceptional anomaly talent; talent that doesn’t frequently exist.

I Get To Work Out Of My Strengths

For me, this is a search where I get to tap into my deepest skills.  I’m looking for more intangible skills and traits than check box items.  While this could be a role of a lifetime for you, it’s a search of a lifetime for me because I get to tap into 100% of my personal strengths in order to identify, recruit and deliver the exceptional talent my client is seeking.

Sunny Southern California

If you don’t live in California but you’ve considered living in California, this might be your golden opportunity.  My client will help you to move from anywhere in the United States to Southern California.  They’ll pay you a competitive base salary for the market.  You’ll be eligible for bonus. 

Possibly The Most Significant Career Growth Of Your Career

More than anything else, you’ll be mentored by someone whose passion is to grow talent.  You’ll learn more in the next couple years of your career than you have likely learned in the past few years of your career.  Your marketability down the road will be golden after you’ve helped my CISO client to build out this very unique security program.'s Security Recruiter Blog