Friday, February 27, 2015

Don't Let Blind Spots Hold You Back

My first call of the day was with an Executive Vice President (EVP) who has been in his current role for more than a decade.  He has done what he joined his current company to do and it is now time for a change.

During the month of January, this EVP made the rounds to many different people to get advice on how to build his resume.  He went to HR leaders, Recruiters, business colleagues.  He told me this morning that he is now thoroughly confused and he has learned a lot.

I asked the EVP if he would share what he learned.  He suggested that nearly everybody has a different opinion about resume writing.  I asked the EVP what results he had achieved by listening to such a variety of opinions. 

The EVP told me he has sent out 15 resumes in his local community.  His batting average is currently 0.00.  He has not generated a single interview through is resume sharing efforts.  Next week, this EVP is scheduled with me to consume my 1 Hour Resume Coaching that is backed with a money back guarantee.  There is a 100% chance that I can solve all of his problems with a resume writing methodology that is backed with results.

Here are three of several emails that have landed in my Inbox in the past week from my resume coaching clients and career coaching clients.  The third block of information has been heavily sanitized because I don’t want to give away information with regards to specifically where my career coaching client is interviewing.

"I'm going all in with your services." IT Leader Transitioning to Information Security 
 "Thank you for taking the time last month during our one hour resume coaching session.  I definitely have grown from the experience and have a much better understanding of the key components of the resume and how they can best grasp the attention of hiring managers. I look forward to your LinkedIn Optimization and alignment guidance in the near future!”  Transitioning Law Enforcement Leader
"Your assistance in the form of feedback, periodic review and advice was a big help." Transitioning DEA Agent
"But my guys in the CISO Forum love you." Vice President
"I am still waiting on a GLOBAL FINANCIAL COMPANY to write the final offer. I was contacted by the hiring manager again to let me know they have had short days due to weather and I should get it next week. The longer wait has paid off though since I have had more time to move further with XYZ BANK,  ABC Health, and a VERY LARGE AIRLINE." Transitioning Corporate Security Professional
" What I've learned in this call exceeds my expectations ...I took 3 pages of notes" Soon to Transition Chief Information Security Officer
If you're asking why I constantly share this kind of information, I have a rock solid crystal clear answer for you.  A few years ago, I discovered how to align my natural strengths with the work I do. I took action on what I learned to the extent that I now invest as much of my time as possible doing things that I love to do and things that I'm great at with people who want to advance, improve and get to the next level.

No, I'm not great at all things but I do know where I have the potential to hit grand slams. This is what I help my career coaching clients to discover so they can also hit grand slams. It is the most fun work I get to do and I'm energized after I've done it.

The Gallup organization surveys the US Workforce every year and has been doing so for over a decade.  They consistently find that approximately 70% of the US workforce is disengaged and only 30% of US workers are engaged.  I'm on a personal mission to help more people get into the engaged category.

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" What I've learned in this call exceeds my expectations....I took 3 pages of notes"'s Security Recruiter Blog