Friday, February 20, 2015

Emotional Intelligence…What is it?...Learn Through This Story

I’ve thought long and hard about writing this particular blog.  What I’ve been doing is applying my Impulse Control…an emotional intelligence skill. Since this person put this information in the public domain, I decided that my response to what was sent my way would be a teaching moment rather than inviting this person to lace up the skates to play hockey against me.

A few weeks ago, I shared a post with an Information Security group I’m part of on Facebook.  In response to my post, I received this comment.

I write a lot of blogs and articles.  To be specific, since 2007, I’ve added 1,165 blogs to my Security Recruiter Blog.  You might read the first blog and decide that you don’t like me and/or you don’t agree with what I’ve written.  It might take reading 100 of my blogs to determine that you don’t share my point of view.  Either way, I’m okay with that.

Yesterday, this person or the real person behind what appears to be a bogus profile on both Facebook and LinkedIn chose to share his mind again.

I did a little bit of homework on this individual to determine who he is and to determine how I would respond.  Here’s his LinkedIn Profile.

Here’s his Facebook profile.

A real profile or not?  You can decide for yourself.

Emotional Intelligence is a mix or how we perceive ourselves and how we come across to others.  If your blogs or articles received the comments left by this person, how would his actions have made you feel?

Maybe your words and actions aren't as sharp as these words but we have choices to make other people feel good or bad about themselves every day. How we come across to other people is part of Emotional Intelligence.

My suggestion is that you might want to be more disciplined than this person in terms of the electronic trail you’re leaving behind you on the Internet.  I left these comments in place just the way they were delivered by the way.

Future employers and/or clients can and will find your Internet past if they want to.'s Security Recruiter Blog