Tuesday, February 10, 2015

LinkedIn Fake Profile Alert...Fake LinkedIn Profile Invitations

Approximately one week ago, I received a significant number of LinkedIn invitations over the course of just a couple of days. I don’t want to share names or photos in the event that these people who are connected to the invitations don’t know that their accounts have been hijacked. 

Normally, when I receive what appear to be bogus LinkedIn invitations, the account owners leave out a photo.  The accounts that don’t appear to be real generally have a small number of connections.  More often than not there is little to no job history in a fake profile.

The invites that came in last week were entirely different.  Every profile had a very professional photo of a very good looking person whether it was a man or a woman.  Every profile was complete with a full Summary and complete job history.  Every profile in this batch I’m referring to came from the Salt Lake City area.

This afternoon, I picked up the phone and randomly called on a half dozen companies in Salt Lake in search of the people who sent LinkedIn invitations my way.  In all six calls, the person whose name and photo appeared on the profile was not employed at the company shown on their LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is an outstanding venue in which to conduct business.  As part of the Internet, LinkedIn is also a technology environment that requires a user to proceed with caution and with their eyes wide open.


In this blog article, I mentioned that I called on a half dozen companies in Salt Lake City trying to determine if the people whose names were on a block of LinkedIn invitations that were sent to me were actually employed at those companies. My phone just rang and the Chief Compliance Officer of one of these companies called me to learn more. This is serious business when a LinkedIn profile attempts to represent someone who does not work at a particular company. I work hard to not be the boy who cried wolf! The Chief Compliance Officer appreciated my call. His company is working with LinkedIn to do something about this false profile that is connected to their organization.

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