Monday, February 16, 2015

Someone Came Along And Made My Day...Who's Day Can You Improve Today?

The Manitou Springs Incline

It's Sunday evening.  I'm at my desk preparing for a busy Monday where I'll do a mix of recruiting, interviewing and coaching.  I might even find time and inspiration to write a blog.

While sitting at my desk, a message came my way on Facebook that I wasn't expecting at all.  The message came to me from a goalie who used to play on my hockey team.  He left Colorado Springs and now lives in Phoenix.  

I can't think of more kind or more inspirational words that could have come my way today.

"Jeff Snyder, when I think about you, I think great leader. I have not had many interactions with you in the past, but those I had were awesome. You led our hockey team to great victories and your ideas on and off the ice were unmatched by anyone. You are someone I would love to work for because you care about the people you interact with and it is apparent that you love life and love what you do. You are a gift to this world Jeff, thank you for being who you are."

The person who wrote these words didn't know what one of my hockey buddies joined me to do yesterday before winter returned to Colorado.  On Friday night, I had this wild idea to hike the Manitou Incline for the first time ever.  My cardiologist may not have approved of this adventure but then again, I didn't ask for permission.  

The Incline was at one time a tourist destination.  No, tourists back in the early part of the last century didn't hike up this beast of a mountain, they rode a train / tram device that did all the work.  I think the elevation gain is approximately 2,000' and the hike might be 1 mile up.  
The hike down on a trail is a couple more miles and nothing like the hike up.  The view of Colorado Springs from the top is as good as it gets with the exception of the view from the top of 14,200+' Pikes Peak.  That's another hike on my list after the snow stops flying and hopefully before the lightning filled summer storms begin.

Colorado Springs from the top of the Manitou Incline

A few years ago, a reader of my Security Recruiter Blog suggested that from time-to-time, I should write about things that have nothing to do with security.  This CISO suggested that my readers might want to know a little bit about the person who writes the blog.  So here you go.

This particular hike was a big deal for me to try because it is something I was nervous about doing prior to open heart surgery.  With the surgery behind me, I'm intent on living life to the fullest.  Besides, if I don't take on challenges like this, our Fall 2015 Grand Canyon hike won't happen.  

Jeff Snyder and his hiking buddy

Without the company of my hockey, mountain biking and hiking buddy Gary, I may not have talked myself into taking this hike yesterday.  Gary has been by my side since the first week after I returned from the hospital following my open hear surgery. Without Gary, I might not have gotten back on my skates as fast as I did and I might not have gotten back on my mountain bike as quickly as I did.  

Leaders may put actions into motion and/or inspire others to do so but all leaders need people by their side whom they can count on to get things done.

If you're still trying to get your 2015 resolutions in motion, try engaging someone else who cares about you and who you enjoy being around to join you to get your resolutions in motion.

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