Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thank You for Following SecurityRecruiter.com!

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My Security Recruiter Blog has followers around the globe.  For that I am thankful. I know about these followers because over the years that I’ve written blogs 1150 times (as of yesterday), people come out of the woodwork to introduce themselves telling me that they’ve been reading my blogs for X amount of time.

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If you’re one of the current 1721 people around the globe who have been kind enough to follow the SecurityRecruiter.com business page on LinkedIn, I’m thankful for you as well.  We’ve recently studied our following on LinkedIn and it truly is a global following.

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Different people have their preference of where the follow our work.  Thank you to those of you who keep in touch on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter


If you’ve followed SecurityRecruiter.com for any length of time, you know that when I produce content to share, I produce content that is designed to help my followers with their personal marketing, personal branding and career development efforts.

I write articles to help security, risk, compliance, privacy and IT professionals to understand how to advance their careers beyond the level where their IQ alone takes them.

Smart People

When I learn through conversations I share with top-shelf business and technology leaders, I do what I can to share notes from these conversations with my SecurityRecruiter.com followers so you can learn how to be better at delivering your services in your own companies.


When I share articles from major magazines or from other authors on LinkedIn whom I appreciate, I do so to bring best of class information possible to my SecurityRecruiter.com followers.

Help Me To Help You

If for some reason I’m not currently bringing information to you that you desire to receive, please tell me what is on your mind.  If your request is not my area of expertise, I’m usually only a phone call away from someone who has the expertise you’re seeking regardless of where you are located in the world.

Last week I helped someone to connect with one of my coaching clients who has deep expertise in government clearances.  While this is not my expertise, the expert my 
SecurityRecruiter.com follower needed was only one phone call or one click away from me.

How can I be helpful to you today?

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