Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What Do I Know About LinkedIn?...Top 2% of Viewed Profiles Out of 29,000 Direct Connections

A Security Recruiter Blog Follower Asked

I’ve recently been asking for help with blog topics.  Someone asked me what qualifies me to offer services around LinkedIn Profile Optimization.  That’s a great question and I don’t mind at all when I’m challenged to prove something that I have experience in.

I Work Out Of My Strengths

If a service sits on one of my websites, you can rest assured that I’m very good at delivering that service.  Wait, before you stop reading this blog, you should know that I purposely align myself with work I have the potential to be great at by knowing my strengths intimately well.

Knowing what I’m potentially great at also means that I’m acutely aware of what I’m not great at.  That is a longer list by the way than what I’m great at.

LinkedIn > 29,000 Direct Connections

My LinkedIn network just topped 29,000 direct connections connecting me to nearly 34.5 Million people worldwide.  The numbers themselves mean little but the relationships I’ve been fortunate to build over the past decade as a result of this large and growing network are unbelievable.

Here’s another tidbit of information that should serve to back up the idea that I know a little bit about LinkedIn and I’m qualified to coach others around this topic.  I know a little bit about how a person can position themselves on LinkedIn to draw the kind of traffic they might want to draw if their objective is to increase their visibility and/or to build their personal brand.

That's the top 2% out of 29,000+ direct connections!

Here’s a result one of my recent resume coaching clients who is also a LinkedIn profile optimization client achieved soon after he made some adjustments to his LinkedIn profile based on advice I shared during our LinkedIn coaching call.

In order to advance your career, you need to be found.  Part of being found is presenting yourself strategically on LinkedIn.  If packaging and marketing yourself in a professional and tasteful way on LinkedIn is not your gift, call me.  I can help you.'s Security Recruiter Blog