Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Have You Ever Been Rejected By a LinkedIn Group? I have

Topics for blogs never cease to come my way.  Yesterday, I decided to invest one of my 3 remaining LinkedIn group spaces to add the largest Human Resources group on LinkedIn to my Groups list. 

No, I’m not in Human Resources.  I’m in Sales, Marketing, Talent Acquisition, Coaching, Leadership, Public Speaking and I have a gift for selecting and delivering talent in a precision way.

I decided to try to join this group so I could share blogs and articles that would be appropriate for this group.  

What would I have shared?

How about my recent LinkedIn published articles:

There’s nothing here that Human Resource professionals could benefit from, right? 

Are you kidding me?

The rejection email said:

“Not enough information in your profile for us to make a clear membership decision.”

Seriously?  This is what LinkedIn has to say about my profile. 

This is where my LinkedIn Profile sat a couple of weeks ago and the numbers are bigger today.

“Your profile does not match the group’s interests”

Well, maybe the group should look outside of its current membership to get some Game-Changing, For-The-Better, Performance Improvement, Futuristic / Visionary, Strategic, Forward-Thinking ideas.

That's what I did to find out what the business wants, needs and expects from the security profession.


Linked:HR Membership Application
Hi Jeff,
Thank you for your interest in the Linked:HR group.

We receive over 1000 submissions each day for membership and postings. Unfortunately, your profile was not approved, likely because of one or more of the following reasons:

- Not enough information in your profile for us to make a clear membership decision. Job titles, company, and dates are NOT enough! If you have not completed your profile, please do so and put more information about your background and track record of experience in HR. We want more details about your present position, employment history, and education (school and degree program) - all are important! Make sure your profile is in English as well.

- Your profile does not match the group’s interests - if you are NOT working in one of the HR disciplines, you will likely not benefit from our group and were declined.

- Your profile does not comply with the LinkedIn User Agreement. This included placing email, phone number, URL, or other content in the name or title fields of your profile.

If you disagree with our decision, all is not lost, BUT, we want to hear your story and the reasons why we should accept you in our group. Please contact Linked:HR Member Services at memberservices@linkedhr.com, and INCLUDE THE LINK TO YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE (last line, big box, upper left of your profile page, or the URL of your profile home page).


Member Services

I’m so relieved to know that I didn't add a group to my LinkedIn groups that doesn’t want me and doesn’t see any value in having me as a member. 

If you ever wondered if I knew anything about rejection, you know, the kind of rejection you experience when you send your resume into the Black Hole Where Resumes Go To Die, I know how it feels.

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