Monday, March 09, 2015

I had a Revelation this morning...That's what Tom shared with me

He is a very intelligent friend of mine that I’ve known since our days at the University of Kentucky.  We’ll call him Tom.  We lost touch for many years but our circle of mutual friends on Facebook brought us back together a few years ago. 

Over the weekend, he posted a comment that read like this:

“I had a revelation this morning. I've written three books, I have a website, I produce a weekly podcast and I send out a weekly newsletter. I'm the bomb at creating content. But I am utterly and hopelessly useless when it comes to marketing and promoting my stuff.

Tom’s post caught my attention and it has been on my mind for several days.  This comment illustrates what I run into with so many people all the time.  It’s my mission to help as many people as possible to get out of this state of confusion that Tom described so they can reach the state of greatness that they were built to deliver. 

Everybody has the capability to be great at something.  Find out what you’re capable of becoming great at.

Many of the people I interact with are so intelligent that I think they might have the potential to be great at several things. The problem is that I see too many people trying to be great at things they will never be great at because they aren’t wired to be great at everything.

The Solution for Tom

What my friend Tom needs is to first learn how he is internally wired so he can embrace those areas where he has potential to be great.  

Because I know Tom well, I know that he is a gifted writer.  I’ve experienced his public speaking.  Tom is gifted as a communicator.  He has had the focus and discipline to write three books.  This is no easy task.

Creating content is one thing.  Marketing content is another skill set entirely.  Tom is not great at marketing but he keeps trying to do it because it needs to be done.  Tom needs to discover what he has the potential to be great at.  He needs to embrace and accept what he has the potential to be great at.  He then needs to build a strategy around what he is not great at and never will be great at.

If Tom were to stay focused on writing and speaking and let someone else deal with his marketing, I suspect that he’d learn to maximize his writing and speaking to take it to a level that is even greater than his current level of performance.

This is the potential everyone has when they stop settling for what they "Can" do and they get focused in on what they "Should" do.'s Security Recruiter Blog