Friday, March 13, 2015

I Know You Do Resume Writing. What Other Services Do You Offer?

This question came to me from a Security Recruiter Blog follower.

Question:  I know you do resume writing.  What other services do you offer?

I deliver both resume coaching and resume writing services.  For many of my resume coaching and resume writing clients, I also assist them to create a LinkedIn presence that closely aligns with the message they carry on their resume.

The purpose of the LinkedIn coaching is to help my clients to build a LinkedIn presence that will be found when recruiters like myself are out searching for talent for our clients. I don’t coach my clients on everything I know about LinkedIn.  I stay focused on helping my clients to be found on LinkedIn for the right reasons.

These services were built for a variety of people.  Over the past 24 hours, I have been on the phone with two prospective clients who have been at their current companies for 15 and 25 years.  In these cases, these individuals haven’t written a resume in decades and in both cases, because they haven’t looked for a new job in many years, both prospective clients have what I call skeleton LinkedIn presence.

Late last week and earlier this week, I worked with Law Enforcement and Federal Agency clients.  These people are close to completing their first career and they’re hoping to step into a second career in a corporate environment.  These types of clients often need help with personal branding and marketing (resume and LinkedIn) and they nearly always need help with career coaching to help them set up a strategy to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Another type of transitioning client I worked with this week is someone who has worked in a particular industry for 20 years.  He is trying to decide what industry to move to.  He is trying to determine whether he should turn left or turn right.  He is trying to decide whether he should continue working at an Architecture level or whether he should aspire to be a Security Manager or one day a CISO.  We’re working through Career Coaching to answer these questions.

With several of my senior level or up-and-coming leadership level clients, I work with them on Career Coaching and then we address the issues that cause many people to be held back or when they’ve been addressed, cause many people to propel forward.  For these clients, I’ve carefully built a coaching methodology that includes some of the most powerful assessment tools in the world to measure and quantify results before, during and after our coaching has come to an end.'s Security Recruiter Blog