Thursday, March 19, 2015

I'm Not Successful Unless My Clients Are Successful

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of working with a coaching client for 1 hour.  This was not a 1 hour resume coaching client.  Rather, it was someone who came to me to get help with a career coaching career road map.

My client wasn't ready for my full career coaching services but he was in need of a objective advice from someone who sees a bigger picture than he does.

By the end of our call, my client was able to walk away with confidence that he has more to offer the marketplace than he thought he did.  He also walked away with a clear picture of the gaps he needs to fill in order to be most marketable when he is ready to leave his current employer in a few years.

"I enjoyed our conversation today; it gave me some clarity and peace of mind." 

I work with clients who are at a variety of different places in their careers.

  • Some people are doing well but they want to maximize their performance and they want to become stronger.  
  • Some people are stuck or are facing options and they don’t know whether they should turn left or right. 
  • Some of my clients have somehow fallen off the tracks and they need help to get back on the right tracks headed in the right direction instead of repeating whatever caused them to fall off the tracks in the first place.
      For this client I'll add even another category.  This client is in a good position today.  His prospects for adding new skills, accomplishments, contributions to his current employer and value to his current employer look great.  He wanted to be sure that the skills and projects he will be adding to his employment portfolio would be of value to future employers.
     He also wanted to be certain that he knew which skill and experience gaps he needed to fill in order for his marketability to be the best it can be in a few years when he is ready to make his next carefully planned career move.

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