Thursday, March 26, 2015

Job Satisfaction...Get Some!

This morning I saw the following statistics on someone's Facebook post.  I don't know the origin of this person's numbers so I don't know if they are accurate or not.

  • 87% of all people DISLIKE their job
  • 33% of all people HATE their job
  • 25% say their job is their #1 stress factor
  • 41% live paycheck-to-paycheck 
  • 43% are overworked
  • 50% feel like they are underpaid
  • 70% feel no motivation

I went to Google and ran a search as you can see here.

If you're part of the 70% or more of people who apparently hate their jobs, why don't you do something about it?  

Last night I had the privilege of coaching a technology professional to help him understand his talents and strengths, how they operate and what this all means in terms of his future career choice.

This particular client came to me because he really does not like his current job.  Rather than accepting his current pain, he decided to seek out a solution that would enable him to not just get rid of the pain but he wants to make the most intelligent career move possible.

In our coaching call last night, the "Ah Ha" and "Light Bulb Moments" were occurring.  In our next call, we'll pull everything together to build a career road map plan that my client can take action on to execute.

Whatever the actual percentage is of people who dislike going to their jobs every day, my mission is to show as many people as I can how to escape the dislike category and enter the category that allows a person to maximize their performance, job satisfaction and financial rewards.

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