Wednesday, March 25, 2015

John's Quest for Professional Greatness...A Short Story

His Name Is John

I placed John in the early 1990s as a COBOL Systems Analyst.  John possessed technical skill set at the time.  

Technical skills got john in the door of his new job back in the early 1990s but the technical skills aren't what got him to where he is today.


John didn't know and I certainly didn't know that 20+ years later, he would be an Executive Vice President for the company I placed him in back in the early 1990s.  John didn't stay in the COBOL job for long.  In just a few years, John became the CIO of this company’s entire IT operation.

As his career progressed, John moved into positions that required him to work more and more closely with clients.  He soon found himself joining sales professionals on multi-million dollar sales calls.  He found himself making board level presentations with ease.

John is an Anomaly

It wasn't until recently that John and I got together to discover his natural traits and strengths.  To my surprise, John’s scores didn't look anything like most of the CIOs and CISOs I’ve seen to date.

Without giving away John’s strengths profile, I will share that many years ago when John was doing hands-on COBOL Systems Analyst work, he was just getting started. I’ll go so far as to say that John was stretching to do what he was capable of doing but he wasn’t yet doing what he was designed to do or what he would one day have passion to do.

People Person

John is loaded with Relationship Building and Influencing traits and strengths.  What I refer to as John’s hard wiring, his natural traits and strengths are the opposite of what I normally find to be the hard wiring of CIOs and CISOs.  

John truly is a “People Person”.  He isn't just a “People Person”, he’s a “People Person” who can influence others to make decisions and to take action. 

John’s wiring made him a very different kind of CIO.  He was smart enough to handle the bits and bytes but he was gifted to build relationships across the company and outside the company.  He was also a great manager at the time in that he could influence people around him to move in a common direction.

More Progression

John was so successful that he was moved out of IT and moved into the business. For many years, he has been running lines of business for the CEO of John’s privately held company.  It is John’s Relationship Building and Influencing skills that have made him so successful.

Quest for Greatness!

I’m now working with John to help him understand and embrace his strengths so he can leverage them.  I'm also helping John to understand and work to improve his Emotional Intelligence so he can take his career success to yet another level. 

This is what the pursuit of greatness looks like and it’s my passion to walk my clients through this journey.'s Security Recruiter Blog