Friday, March 27, 2015

Negotiate Is Not A Dirty Word

Yes, I use goofy pictures that are in my growing graphics library in an attempt to provide visual support for my written words.  Notice that these two characters are not yelling or screaming at each other. One is not standing while the other one is on his knees.  They’re both standing and they appear to be making progress.  This is what negotiation should look like. defines Negotiate like this:
“To deal or bargain with another or others, as in the   preparation of treaty or contract or in preliminaries   to a business deal.

Negotiations are only successful when both parties to the negotiation feel like they’re whole and still standing at the end of the negotiation.  When two parties are trying to work together and the negotiation process causes one of the two parties to feel like they've been beaten up, this is not a good way to start an ongoing business relationship.

People are Emotional Beings

Notice that I am purposely using the word feel in the last paragraph.  Negotiations happen between people.  People are human.  Humans are emotional.

Seek Balance When Negotiating

I had a one hour unexpected negotiations call yesterday afternoon with someone I know well and someone I respect deeply.  My goal with this person was to understand his point of view while also sharing my point of view.  My goal was not to “win” the negotiation call but it was to establish mutual understanding.

My first call this morning occurred with the CEO of a security software company.  I’ve researched this CEO’s background and I’ve had several occasions to deal with this CEO on the phone.  He’s a very intelligent person. 

Once again, my goal was to more deeply understand this CEO’s point of view while helping him to understand my point of view.  I don’t expect him to be an expert in the field of Talent Acquisition and Recruiting any more than I am an expert in Cybersecurity software development.  

In order for us to work together, we need to meet in the middle and our negotiation process has to leave both parties to the negotiation standing.

I'm Energized

By ending yesterday with a negotiation call and beginning today’s work with a negotiation call, I’m energized and ready to go. Negotiating is an opportunity to build and develop meaningful relationships.  If the negotiation doesn’t work out, the relationship wasn't meant to be developed.'s Security Recruiter Blog