Friday, March 06, 2015

Security Recruiter Blog Content...Where Does It Come From?

Security Recruiter Blog

A call came in today from someone whom I respect.  During the course of our conversation, the person who called me felt the need to share some consultative advice.  I listen to other people's ideas, opinions and advice so I went into listening mode.

I was advised to not "share" content in my Security Recruiter Blog or on my business page on LinkedIn unless it is content that I created myself.

I told the person who was sharing his advice that while I appreciate and understand his concern, I have taken on a different strategic approach for my Security Recruiter Blog and for my page on LinkedIn than what he had in mind.

My content strategy approach looks like this:

  • At the beginning of every week I share the Cyber Security News, Education, Vulnerability and Patch Report that comes to me from my business partner Dr. Stan Stahl at Citadel Information Group in Los Angeles.  This information is relevant to 100% of my followers and I can't create anything better so I share Dr. Stahl's information with permission.
  • On Tuesday through Friday, I share a mix of content that I create myself, content that informs others of my services and more specifically the results my coaching clients receive. 
  • When I have new security jobs, I share these jobs in all of my electronic groups.
  • I share original content created by some of my 29,000+ direct connections on LinkedIn.  I share other's content when I think it is relevant to my audiences and for the purpose of helping others to build their Personal Brand.
  • Finally, when I run across timely and relevant content that is written in new sources, I'm not shy about sharing anything that I think would be beneficial to my Blog and LinkedIn followers.

If you disagree with my content ideas, I'd enjoy hearing from you so I can make my content strategy better for all of my followers.

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