Monday, March 23, 2015

You’re making an Impact When You’re Rejected from LinkedIn Groups!

Rejected: LinkedIn’s Largest Human Resource Group

Just over a week ago, I tried to join the largest Human Resource group in LinkedIn.  My attempt to join was rejected.  They said I brought nothing of value to the group. 

Is that really true?  Or, is it possible that the group didn’t want to be challenged to think outside their box? 

That’s what I would have brought to the group.  Pushing them into the future. 

Rejected: A LinkedIn CISO Group That Invited Me To Join

Last week, I was invited to join a CISO group.  I won’t name the specific group because I’m not trying to pick a fight but consider this.  Last week I wrote an article that was filled with information I gained by way of asking the business what it wants, needs and expects from security leadership. 

What It Takes To Be A Great Security Leader” was the article I published in LinkedIn.  I shared this article with the CISO group I was asked to join last week.  Apparently, sharing truth was not appreciated because I no longer see this particular group on my list of LinkedIn groups this morning.

I will not apologize for sharing truth now or in the future.

No Value

A few years ago, I was a paid member of a very large Human Resource association for one year.  In one year, I never received one ounce of value from this association that I’d paid money to join.  Towards the end of my paid membership, I received a survey email from the association.  Their goal from this survey was to establish a benchmark for success in the HR profession.

The survey asked HR practitioners to determine what success looked like for the HR profession.  This was one of the most ridiculous ideas I’d ever seen.  If you want to know what success looks like, don’t ask those who deliver a service.  Ask those who consume the service.

I Surveyed the Customer of Security Leadership

Soon after seeing this ridiculous survey from the Human Resource group, I started reaching out to the customer of Security Leadership.  I reached out to those who consume the services provided by security leadership in order to find out what they thought of the service they were receiving.

Coaching…Gain A Competitive Advantage and Improve Your Results

Because I asked for it, today I’m sitting on information generated by the customer of security leadership. If security leaders want to know how to improve, they need to look no further than my research to find out. 

If security leaders are doing well, they’ll appreciate my research as it will serve as a confirmation of great performance.

If security leaders are not doing so well, they can either reject my research or they can embrace and appreciate my research if they want to improve their game. 

I share this information with my coaching clients to help them improve their performance.'s Security Recruiter Blog