Thursday, April 02, 2015

Career Coaching and Leadership Coaching...What Is Addressed and Achieved

I was recently asked by a "C" level executive to talk about the results he could expect to achieve if he were to hire me as a leadership coach.  While this person is already in a "C" level position and theoretically he is already in leadership, many of my coaching clients are up and coming Millennial aged rising star future leaders.

What I Help My Clients To Achieve
  • Discover your 1 in 33 Million unique Strengths and show you how to leverage your unique Strengths.
  • Become crystal clear about your weaknesses and learn to build a strategy to not allow your weaknesses to become personal stumbling blocks.
  • Increased decision making clarity and confidence.
  • Learn how to align your natural strengths with the work you choose to take on in order to deliver your best performance.
  • Show you how to more effectively delegate.  Have confidence when you choose to delegate and know how to delegate to the right person.
  • ​Improve your ability to effectively manage other people.
  • Strengthen your interview skills the next time you're in an interview situation.
  • Teach you how to interview your next prospective employer to increase your odds of making the right career move.
  • Show you how to become someone others want to follow as a leader.
  • Introduce you to ways in which you can improve your ability to hire the right people.
  • ​Improve your collaboration and negotiation skills.
  • ​Clarify and dramatically improve your Personal Branding and Personal Marketing strategy in ways that will matter to the audience you will market yourself to.
  • ​Improve your Emotional Intelligence.
  • ​Introduce you to ways you can respond to situations versus reacting.
  • Create strategies to improve your relationships across the business.
  • Show you how to become the leader the business wants, needs and expects based on the results derived from my proprietary research.
  • Position you to advance in your career and to get paid more for your work efforts.

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