Thursday, April 16, 2015

Do What You Love To Do and Never Work another Day in your Life

Copper Mountain 4.16.15

Someone other than me once said, wrote or suggested what is in the title to this blog.  Having gone through several life changing events over the past 5 years, I set out on a journey to figure out how to achieve what is in the title of my blog today.

I’ve made great strides but I’m not quite there.  Where I’ve made great professional strides is in the area of adding coaching services to my portfolio of services.  I didn't just do this because it sounded like something fun to do.  I did this because a number of people led me to coaching and when I explored the subject, I found that coaching fueled my passion and aligned with my natural strengths.

It’s not just about work.  Today, much of Colorado is getting pounded with snow.  To some, snow in mid-April might sound like a curse.  To those of us who live in the Mountain West, we know that snow today is water for the Spring and Summer for not just Colorado but for other states where Colorado water flows.

For now, my excitement is growing as I watch the forecast for Copper Mountain show 1” to 50” over the next few days.  The last weekend of ski season is almost here and if you know me, you’ll know where I’ll be.

Monarch Mountain 4.16.15

As luck would have it, Monarch Mountain closed this past weekend.  This is Monarch this afternoon.  If I didn’t have two more Copper Mountain Days to ski, I’d be hiking up the mountain at Monarch to get some of their fresh powder.

In 30 minutes I’ll be headed to the ice rink to exercise another one of my passions in an adult hockey game.  For a few years, I dropped out of competitive sports.  This was not one of the smartest things I ever chose to do.  With the Gallup StrengthsFinder theme of Competition in my Top 10 Strengths, I now know that it is in my DNA to need regular doses of competition.  Tonight’s hockey will make me tired but it will also energize me to have a great day in the office on Friday.

If I'm really lucky, tonight I'll talk my hockey buddy into making a short road trip to Fruita, CO next weekend to ride mountain bikes.  Did I tell you that was another one of my passions?

By doing the things I love to do outside the office, I've learned that my performance in the office gets better and better in direct proportion to the thrill seeking adrenaline junkie things I've been accused of doing.  Yes, I have to keep working to afford to do the things I do!

My suggestion to you is that if you haven't done so already, figure out what your passions are and build a strategic plan to pursue them.  If you need help, hire a coach.  I'd love to assist you to figure out what you were built to be great at. 

PS:  Come back tomorrow.  I'll be writing up new jobs with great employers!'s Security Recruiter Blog