Monday, April 20, 2015

Do You or Does Someone On Your Team Have “Futuristic” In Their Top Traits / Strengths?

First and foremost, when “Futuristic” is referred to as a trait or strength, it is a trademarked Gallup term.

This is one of 34 traits that according to Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, we all have within us.  What’s unique and fascinating about this particular trait and the other 33 traits on Gallup’s list is that while we all have Futuristic somewhere on our traits list, we all have Futuristic showing up at a different place on our list of traits.


A person who has Futuristic high on their Traits / Strengths list loves to look down the road and into the future.  This person can naturally anticipate what might be coming next.

If you have Futuristic in your top Traits / Strengths, you need to understand how this trait works.  While you’re envisioning the future, you could be talking over other people's heads.  Not that other people aren't intelligent.  Rather, it is that you can see down the road while those on your team might only be seeing the here and now.

If you’re managing a person who has Futuristic high on their list of traits, you need to know that this person is one you can and should learn to trust when the topic is forecasting, predicting and anticipating the future.  Doing so comes naturally to this person.

Turn the Coin Over

If you have someone on your team who has Futuristic high on their list of traits or strengths and you only assign them to here and now current-day projects, this person will likely lose interest in their work.

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