Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Do You or Does Someone On Your Team Have “Learner” In Their Top Traits / Strengths?

First and foremost, when “Learner” is referred to as a trait or strength, it is a trademarked Gallup term.

This is one of 34 traits that according to Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, we all have within us.  What’s unique and fascinating about this particular trait and the other 33 traits on Gallup’s list is that while we all have Learner somewhere on our traits list, we all have Learner showing up at a different place on our list of traits.


A person who has Learner high on their Traits / Strengths has a constant drive to learn and generally has a continuous drive to improve.

If you have Learner in your top Traits / Strengths, you need to understand how this trait works.  Learners tend to enjoy the journey of learning even more than the destination.  This person needs opportunities to be exposed to new information and new experiences with regularity.  They are comfortable on the cutting edge where all things are new.

If you’re managing someone who has Learner near the top of their Traits / Strengths, it is advisable to make sure you’re always giving this person something new to learn.  Maybe their entire job can’t be full of new things to learn but giving this person small projects that stimulate their need to learn may be the difference between keeping this person on board or seeing them leave for greener pastures.

Learners Never Want To Stop Learning

If you have someone on your team who has Learner high on their list of traits or strengths, this would be a great person to assign to security research or vulnerability research projects. Maybe this person could be assigned to doing preliminary research on new products you're considering adding to your enterprise.  This assignment will likely not feel like work to a learner.

The Learner will likely take these kinds of assignments home with them.  Learning stimulates this person rather than draining them.

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