Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Dislike My Job The Survey Respondent Shared

"I Dislike My Job"

“It does not challenge me or give me opportunity to develop my knowledge or skills.” 3/26/2015 17:35:07

For the most part, my recent survey to learn about the reasons why people like or dislike their jobs was nearly a complete failure on my part.

The quote you see above is from the one person who responded to my survey.  I sincerely appreciate the response. 

If you’re a hiring manager and you’re trying to figure out how to hang onto your staff during this time when there are 18,413 positions on the Dice job board that contain the word “Security” in them (up from 17,424 when I ran the same search on March 16, 2014), you need an executable strategy to hang onto your team members.

If you are the manager of the person who left the comment shown above on my anonymous survey, it’s time to get to know your employees time to get to know what makes them tick as human beings. Generally speaking, employees don’t quit companies as often as they quit relationships with bad managers.

If you’re only managing the tasks and technology in front of you and you’re not personally engaging with your people as a manager, your employees will leave and you will experience turnover.  

This problem can be solved.'s Security Recruiter Blog