Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Know Yourself, Know Your Employees, Maximize Performance

We'll call the guy in the gray suit Bob.  There's nothing wrong with Bob.  Bob has the Futuristic strength in his Top 5 Strengths.  By default, he is always preoccupied with tomorrow.  He has the ability to see down the road more than most people.

If Bob's boss Frank invested the time to understand Bob, things might be different.  Bob has a strength called Adaptability in his Top 5 Strengths.  Adaptability contrasts with Futuristic in a big way.  Someone with Adaptability in their top 5 Strengths sees the here and now.  They don't have time to be preoccupied with tomorrow.  

As it stands, since Bob doesn't know that he is gifted with the Futuristic strength and Bob doesn't know that he is gifted with the Adaptability strength, these two will never see eye-to-eye and neither the boss or the employee in this case will ever reach peak performance.

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