Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What Happens If Someone On Your Team Has "Responsibility" In Their Top Traits / Strengths?

First and foremost, "Responsibility" when it is referred to as a trait or strength is a trademarked Gallup term.

This is one of 34 traits that according to Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, we all have within us.  What’s unique and fascinating about this particular trait and the other 33 traits on Gallup’s list is that while we all have Responsibility somewhere on our traits list, we all have Responsibility showing up at a different place on our list of traits.


A person who has Responsibility high on their list of traits is a person who will take ownership for what they say they will do.  This type of person is committed to values such as honesty and loyalty.
If you’re managing a person who has Responsibility high on their list of traits, you need to know that connecting your words to your actions with consistency is very important to this person.

You’ll be hard pressed to get this person’s loyalty to you as their leader of they determine that they can’t trust you.

Turn the Coin Over

If you have someone on your team who has Responsibility high on their list of traits or strengths, you can generally count on this person to not only do what they say they’ll do but you can count on them to do things right.

This person can very likely be your “go-to” person when you need to count on someone to get something done.

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